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, horrible accident. >> this woman tells us her 41-year-old cousin is the victim. he was at this intersection in vallejo when the female driver of this car struck him. >> i can tell you that there is no crosswalk in that area. it is fairly dark there. >> kno the impact knocked the victim into the next lane where he was hit and dragged by the 89-year-old driver. he finally stopped in front of emily's house. >> my children heard tires screeching. they looked out and saw the body under the tront end of the car. >> firefighters had to use air bags to lift the car and remove the victim who died at the scene. the elderly driver lives in her neighborhood. >> physically seems to do pretty well, gets around okay. most of the time we see him and he is walking. he gets around okay. >> the victim's relative tells us he regularly crosses this intersection and her cousin had been disabled by polio since childhood. in vallejo, alan wang, abc7 news. >>> new at 11:00, two men are in the hospital tonight after their truck crashed off a north bay road, flew down a 30-foot em bank meant and ended up on its roof
america to keep those people close to their hearts and to serve them as well as they have served us. >> how will you be spending thanksgiving -- >> family and service. we will be working with mission continues, a nonprofit that allows veterans to continue to serve. we are going to be at the capital area food bank which we have gone to several years now. and then we are going to eat good food. >> watch some football. a wonderful time. a great occasion for us to have -- have our families in, a lot from chicago. so it remind us of the thanksgivings that we used to have back home, when ma low yli crawling and sasha, and kids were little. remind us of how much we have to be thankful for. >> see barbara's full interview tomorrow night, an abc news exclusive "walters at the white house" at 10:00, 9:00 central. thank you for watching abc news. "good morning america" will be here tomorrow morning. hope you enjoyed a very happy thanksgiving. good night, america. ♪ hey, that's the last crescent! oh, did you want it? yeah. we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and
note tonight. a lesson for us all on the importance of early medical screening. a few weeks ago during breast cancer awareness month we encouraged women to get mammograms and that's how my colleague found out she has breast cancer, but she caught it early thanks to that mammogram. our prayers are with amy, her family and every woman facing breast cancer. thanks for watching abc news. good night america. when ouwe goword. she said hert (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> thousands appear dead. thousands more without food water or electricity after deadly super typhoon rips through the philippines. this is new video of the moment of impact. you cap see just how powerful the storm was when it hit. good evening. >> we begin with new develop many on one of the deadliest storms of the century after devastating phil
one was home at the time. they are warning homeowners to be cautious when using them. >>> president obama is on the west coast tonight kicking off a three-day fundraising swing that will include a stop in the bay area. the president arrived at seattle tacoma airport this afternoon. he attended two national committee fundraisers and he will fly to san francisco tomorrow morning. that's where he will hold a rally at the rec -- recreation center. then he will attend two more fundraisers, one at the san francisco jazz club and another at a private home in the city before he flies to los angeles. protestors are mobilizing for his visit. code pink was held tonight calling attention to the u.s. government's use of drones. the president's visit to the west coast comes amid record low approval ratings nationwide. 56% of americans surveyed disapprove of his performance. that's an all-time high. the numbers reflect several embarrass ments for his administration this year. the irs' treatment of conservative groups, theth sa surveillance scandal and the botched rollout of the health care website
news reporter larry jacobs has the latest. >> a team of 90 u.s. marines is on the ground in the philippines providing search and rescue assistance and bringing supplies to a country that needs so much of everything. the fer ferocious winds hadsurgs surges that destroyed roads, bridges and homes across a wide swath of the central philippines. phone lines are down and power is out. hundreds of thousands are thronging the relief center. >> we need shelter, food, lights. >> aircraft are bringing in supplies. soldiers are carrying injured residents to planes along with the elderly, evacuating them from what looks like a war zone. but it is not enough. the suffering is on a massive scale. the super typhoon turning life into misery for four million people. >> the grim job of recovering the bodies of countless victims. the death toll is expected to be in the many thousands, but admits a tide of human suffering a ray of home. 21-year-old emily ortega went into labor in the damaged tower. she is fortunate. a doctor is there to help placing the newborn baby on the woman's stomach.
crowbar were minors, including princess, who gave us permission to show her face. she is living at the father's center and telling us she wants to be a social worker when she grows up. marisol is at home with her mother and sister earning a living as a housekeeper. 16-year-old jade, benjamin's girlfriend disappeared that night. the authorities found her house behind the bar empty. as massive as this problem is, father shea remains optimistic. >> give up is not in our vocabulary. we will fight on. we have all the children to save. we will give them a new life. and a great start in the future. a good organization here. and so we will keep on. we never give up. >> for "nightline," i'm alex marquardt, in the philippines. >> what a journey. thank you for watching abc news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we're online at abc have a wonderful holiday weekend. and good night, america. to look for their family and relative living in dprk. >> for the first time tonight we are hearing from the palo alto man taken off a plane and held captive for more th
and psychological counseling. she knows her road to recovery is a long one. jong and self-others have hired the u.s. aviation law official official -- law ticial hoping for a fair out of court settlement. they said in a statement, asiana has made every effort to take care of all of the passengers needs since the accident at sfo. asiana will continue to pay for the passengers' reasonable and necessary expenses and treatment. jong will continue her rehabilitation in china. she does president know when she will be able -- she doesn't know when she will be able to walk and go back to work, but she knows this -- >> i will never ride a plane again. i know have i to to get home, but after that, never again. >> reporter: the couple's world traveling days are over, they consider themselves lucky to have lived through the disaster and to have each other. after flying home on sedatives they happily reunited with family. they sent us this i can picture just this -- they sent us this picture and she is finally walking on crutches. they asked us to thank of the firefighters, paramedics doctors and social workers
to be so positive and a -- this man used to be so positive and a mentor. what drove him to kill people? >> he struggles to understand why. >> what made your dad snap? >> everybody has suspicions. >> what are yours? >> obviously somebody made him mad -- that's the thing. somebody made him mad. what else could it be? >> lawsuits filed against lehigh cement say he was constantly threatening co-workers. they complained, but they said management did anything. did nothing. the company said the lawsuits are unwarranted and have no merit. the victim'sthe expect the awards to be huge. shariff said he would never change the name he shares with his infamous father. he was a great man and pushed him hard to pursue his dreams. ama? >> interesting to hear from his son. >> insight into this>> thankrag. >> thank you, dan. >>> computer experts believe they can stop gun violence by looking at mental health. that was the focus of a hackathon. technology can cause isolation, but organizers want to use it to connect to those with mental health issues to the community. >> we are getting in this new wave of
past u.s. authorities when there was an amber alert and a $1 million warrant attached to his name. two week old henry romero is being cared for by mexican authorities until he can be returned to his mother, patricia romero in sunnyvale. with her 5-year-old daughter she spoke to reporters with the help of a friend tonight. >> i am really happy and really thankful that the police and people that helped me to find my baby. >> yesterday afternoon henry's father, he took the baby and told romero he was taking him out of state. he threatened to harm himself and the baby if she called police. >> she called them seven hours later and an amber alert was issued along with a $1 million warrant for his arrest. >> i was afraid i wouldn't be able to find them again. >> early this morning there were citings of his vehicle and cell phone pings in san diego where he has family. at some point he made it past the u.s. border patrol. he was stopped this afternoon at a checkpoint in mexico somewhere near lukeville in pima county, arizona that is about 300 miles from san diego. >> based on their interview w
. this evening it was bearing down on the city where employee ricky spoke to us by phone. >> so trees are moving. different directions. are sheltered in schools. ma l mauls and the city sports aren arena. forecasters say the storm surge could reach 23 feet along the coast. >> extremely scary. >>reporter: back in daly city she has been talking about her parents by skype. >> i have been trying to contact them for hours and it has been really hard. >>reporter: her parents e-mai e-mailed this mother just before the storm hit. >> we are waiting for more.rerte expecting catastrophic damage and more casualty. allen, is abc 7 news. >> monster storm. sandhya is tracking the storm and live with live doppler 7hd staggering how large it is. >> 300 miles wide check out our radar super typhoon right now. as you look here the eye of the storm very large when it made land fall and it made multiple land fall since. wind 185 miles an hour gusting to 225 it has weaken some. it will continue with category 5 tomorrow morning as it continue also across the philippines. eventually making another land fall in
for us tonight. heather? >> carolyn, the train reacted as it was supposed to. there is an investigation on going into among other things whether the driver pressed his emergency break button into the cab before getting out. in any case, the surveillance video on the muni platform caught part of what happened. when the muni operator stepped out and manually closed the door, the train pulled away because it was in auto mode leaving the driver behind. when they realized there was no driver and smelled something burning someone pulled the emergency brake. the train came to a stop a quarter mile from the station in the tunnel. >> they were pushing like the buttons to talk to the driver. there was no driver and they are trying to both muni driver doors were locked and they are trying to get them open. >> there was no cell phone service and no communication from the outside. >> we didn't know if a train was going to come up. a couple of dyes -- a couple of guys were in the back. it was kind of like be were on our own. >> muni says when the train stopped the control center was alerted. a mechan
center. >> they picked us out of the crowd to be deck asian in the background but we have our own minds. >>reporter: he's tired of hearing politicians talk about immigration reform but doing nothing about it. this is why he decided to speak out. >> please use your executive order to halt deportation of undocumented immigrants in this country right now. >> if in fact could i solve all these problems without passing law in congress then would i do so. but we are also a nation of laws that's part of our tradition. >> treated me like a little ki kid. and he did not directly answer my question. so it was very disappointing. >>reporter: despite the disappointing response he remains undeterred with efforts to stand up for undocumented immigrant. in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> we don't want no climate drama. >>reporter: protestors near the sf jazz center were also ready for the president arrival this morning as he weren't inside for a fundraiser there. they marched down the street chanting against the keystone oil pipeline project. >> next stop much quieter. fundraiser of
. but now they're using original material on a charity track. ♪ you've got to live it while you can we only get one life ♪ >> reporter: 100% of the proceed from "one life" will be used to build schools in developing countries. that's what we call some good music. >>> every little bit counts. before we leave you tonight we want to update you on the latest from the philippines and the super typhoon, one of the strongest storms to ever make landfall with sustained winds reportedly 195 miles an hour. because the storm moved through the area at a rapid pace, meteorologists say the region may have avoided major disaster. the full extent of the destruction will likely not be known for days as remote areas were cut off from communication and many are without power. >>> for all of the latest on this story, middle school student the victim of an armed robbery. police announced late tonight arrests have been made, but the mother of the victim says all of this could have been prevented. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at the antioch police de
're essentially in the penguin world created by two filmmakers hoping to give us new insight in their documentary airing on discovery channel entitled "penguins -- waddle all the way." they deployed 50 of these cameras, hidden inside life-sized robotic penguins, eggs, rocks, and ice formations. >> oh! >> you got it. >> they allow us to get up close and personal with emperor penguins as they take the treacherous 60 mile journaly to their breeding grounds. rock hoppers as they bob and weave their way through snapping sea lions. we watch as these bird slip, slide, and stumble their way through an obstacle course of seemingly endless challenges. on their annual pilgrimage to the harshest of destinations. allen t ein the hopes of creati life. in the process the viewer just may fall head first for these black-tie bird. woah, this krd. l! the tour. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. beca kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. step two, baconated cheese for awesome. step three, get ready to wow. step f
. >> he was walking with a very big rifle and shooting in the air. mall cop came running past us saying shots fired and telling everyone to run run run. >> police are conducting store by store sweep right now using dog and remote camera. concentrating the search in the northeast corner of the 2.2 square foot million mall. there is only one shell casing. follow us for development. >> developing news tonight. man was set on f riding riding a bus in oakland is near the intersection of mcarthur avenue severely burned. they don't have any suspects in custody at the moment. >> pleasant hill leaders got earful about proposed new rule regarding gunshot in town. nick live in pleasant hill with the debate for us. >> city council approved proposal make it tougher for gunshot to operate in city limits. now it will move forward to the full council in two week where it will take a formal vote of 3 yes to make it law. city council member back off proposed legislation to toughen the city gun law only tells part of the story. gun shop owner are happy to fill in the rest. >> well basically they try t
tonight. hears a life look at the san francisco sky line. cloudy skies show us what is coming. good evening. >> sandhya is tracking that storm with life doppler 7 hd for us right now. sandhya. >> yes. some rain has already reached the ground in the north bay. let's check out live doppler 7hd radar tracking it. so far only/100ths inch in santa rosa and i take you closer here. ukiah 6 hundredths of an inch. clover dale, healdsburg zooming in closer light rain here hasn't made it very far past santa rosa. i do want to show you computer animation here and see is what coming here for your morning commute. start of rush hour includes wet roadways. it is going to be slow going. have your umbrella. back to let you know how much written to expect and how long you in he had to hang on to the rain goor. >> thanks very much. women. well of course we need the rape but we don't need dangerous commute so we need to be careful in the morning. first real rain make road slick from the oil buildup obviously. nick smith is live near the golden gate bridge tonight. nick here we go. >> here we
of us have been watching at our desks this week. kanye west and baby mama kim kardashian in the music video for the song "bound 2." ♪ hey >> it was bound 2 be parodied. seth rogan remade it shot for shot. kanye took it in stride. kim, seth rogan, kanye said what is up. he loves you guys. he laughed so hard at this. personally i can't decide which video makes me more uncomfortable. in any event. thank you for watching "nightline." tune in to gma first thing in the morning. ♪ black friday deals up in the store. ♪ ♪ getting presents and so much more. ♪ ♪ that's my holiday, ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ buy today, come back for more. ♪ ♪ save next time u shop in store. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. ♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >>> tonight dozens of people told they will have to leave their homes because of a chemical clean up. an
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kids adventure every step of the way follow us on twitter using this hash taking to experience in real time and like to find out how to help the make a wish foundation go to the our web site. >> maybe the bat kid could solve this problem. jaw dropper. there could be another bart strike. just when you thought the whole mess was settled. somebody describes tonight as hand grenade threatening to blow up the whole deal. january is live at the el cerrito del north bart station with unbelievable development. john? >> here we good again. i mean just when you thought it was over it may not be. big question is whether union will walk if bart doesn't seen off on the deal. i asked union president that tonight but at the very least this has opened up fresh wounds and made commuters a little uneasy. for the thousands of bart riders who endure 2 strike this year the drama still not over. >> i thought everything was settled. the i guess not. this latest snag involves provision in the tentative contract signed back in july by both sides and included in the time deal approved by the unio uni
. aid efforts are ramming up with the george washington and four other u.s. ships arriving tomorrow. the philippine government tonight reports 1833 deaths with the expected death toll lowered now to 2500. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live where people were returning from and leaving for the philippines. lisa? >> people right here are desperate to get over there. right now a round trip ticket cost $1500. many are grabbing a bag and some cash and flying to the philippines. >> just brought a backpack. we have a tent and a sleeping bag in case. >> they are rushing to catch the last flight to the philippines tonight. they bought their ticket a few hours ago after getting confirmation that raymond's parents are alive. >> they are soaking wet, but they couldn't leave the house because no one is helping them. it is like to each his own. >> this duffel back is packed with medicine. they are from there and will land in manila tomorrow. they don't know how they will get to their hometown about 350 miles away where their family home has crumbled. their business is still standing, bu
. brian sent us this video of water and mud covering streets in livermore. >> the storm is also being blamed for bringing down power lines and knocking down electricity to thousands of people on the peninsula. and right now crews are working to get the power restored. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. abc7 abc7 news reporter is live in san mateo where the power lines came down and disrupted the commute and cut the cal train route in >> that's what happened. the first cal train started rolling by slowly about 45 minutes ago after a four-hour disruption. behind me you canee pg&e workers where a cross arm had burned off. right now there are 180 customers in san mateo without power and pg&e hopes to have them back on-line by 4:00 a.m. for hundreds of commuters the end of the line was the cal train they had to they had to get on buss to take them to the next san mateo stop. >> this is the second time in the past month. the first time was a brushfire and we had to wait for buses. >> there was an explosion on the nearby power pole that spewed sparks and fire. a transmissi
that we had another tree fall working further south of us. >> traffic balked up for several hours while crew cleared the highway. the corridor became a wind tunnel with debris flying all over. this tree branch broke off an fell into the road in front of san lorenzo high school and not far away thepol snapped spol snapped in two and fell in this neighborhood. people like ronald ray history a hard time just walking down the street. >> you know i put my head down and jacket over my face like this. i started walking. >> plenty of scenes leak this all of. power lines have been ripped from utility pole like this one causing out annuals across the bay area. there are so many down lines authorities can only close off the roads f hour a for pge crew to show >> half hour ago pg&e craw came through her. they snipped off d the downed line wrapped it up an left. it seems like they are just trying to get rid of the immediate hazard out there so another crew can come in and restore power. crew have a lot of catching up to do tonight. reporting live in san lorenzo, abc 7 news. >> no doubt about
francisco we don't have a lot of kids. i think there are a lot of us that are like, yes, we can do something fun for our kids. >> bat ky d helped batman disarm a mysterious device and freed a damsel in distress. it wept to a bank vault to foil the rid leer's plans for a heist. the villain was lead off, and the bat kid was met with heroic applause. the action wasn't over because the penguins took him hostage and the bat duo had to set them free and help the police take away yet another villain. but wait, there is more. >> i want to thank the bat kid for saving our city. >> mayor ed lee handed miles a key to the city and they got their final word from the boy hero. miles is a cancer survivor and when his leukemia went into remission he asked for this wish. the bay area chapter of the make a wish foundation got to work. he was one of the leading it characters in this comic book and he helped entertain the bat kid and enthusiastically put the day together. >> he is our hero. i don't know. it is great. >> san francisco loves batkid indeed. abc7 news. >> and the department of justice got into the
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23